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I love my local market. £15 for all this? Yes please
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- female fitness inspiration and admiration -
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”How did you two handle rumors of an affair?”
- Chris: ”We gave our fans what they wanted. They want pictures of us holding hands like we do, because we’re friends? Fine. Nobody knows the real truth, it’s only for her and I to know”

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Camille Leblanc-Bazinet.
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  • (A young girl that is about 14 years old walks in. She gets some looks from our other patrons, as she has bright purple hair, multiple piercings, a leather jacket, and ripped jeans. It is freezing outside and she has a scowl on her face that makes me nervous.)
  • Me: “Hello, welcome to [coffee shop]. How may I help you?”
  • Young Girl: “I’ll take five of the largest black coffees you have, and ten of your ham and cheese sandwiches.”
  • Me: “Okay, will that be all?”
  • Young Girl: “Yeah.”
  • Me: “Your total is [price].”
  • (To my surprise, she pulls out a $100 bill. I am suspicious, and I check to make sure it’s real. It checks out, and I give her a bag with her sandwiches.)
  • Me: “Here is your change. Your coffee will be ready in a moment.”
  • (I keep an eye on her as she stands around glaring at anyone who looks at her. I see her looking at the tip jar. When I hand her the coffees, she asks me about it.)
  • Young Girl: “Your tip jar says that the money goes to you guys. Are any of you in college?”
  • Me: “Yes, I’m going to Rochester Institute of Technology. A few others are in college as well.”
  • Young Girl: “Good for you.”
  • (She pulls out the change I gave her and a few more $20 dollar bills. She crams then in the jar and salutes me jokingly before walking out. I am stunned, and chase after her. I find her on the street corner talking to some homeless people and handing out the sandwiches and coffee.)
  • Me: “Excuse me!”
  • Young Girl: “I’m sorry, did I forget something?”
  • Me: “No, but you just tipped us over $100 dollars. You’re also giving away a lot of food.”
  • Young Girl: “Yeah, my dad is crazy rich. I feel like I can do more if I actually interact with people instead of signing a check to a charity. Every Friday I gather anyone I see who needs a good meal, and buy it for them.” *she smiles brightly* “I may be young, but I can make a difference. I usually hand out flyers for homeless shelters or soup kitchens, too.”
  • (Without another word, she walks off silently. I didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the week. It goes to show you that appearances aren’t everything!)
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Push yourself bro, no excuses.
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Smoed pyramid NCA 2014 

bless you for making gifs already

woah you’re fast. its been 6 hours since they competed lol
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